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Articles or news segments about the Atmospheric Vortex Engine have appeared in various web, print, television and radio news sources. Selected articles or publications include the following:

Musical inspired by the Vortex Engine Concept.
Writer / Director:Geinor Styles
Song writer: Amy Wadge

Eye Of The Storm

The musical play for students will take place at the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea, Wales from 20 September to 3 November 2017 and for the general public at the Taliesin Art Center also in Swansea from 7 to 10 November 2017.See announcements below.

Theatr na nOg Musical announcement

Wales Arts and Education Network announcement

WalesOnline recording of Amy Wadge's "Emmie Don't Say" song.

Broadway World Review

Mother Nature Network - Are Tornadoes the Future of Energy? by Noel Kirkpatrick - April 14, 2017.

The Atlantic

Link - Are tornadoes the future of energy?

MCLEAN'S Magazine - A man-made vortex is creating carbon-free energy from waste heat. - December, 2016.

Link - to full article

Sarnia Observer - Four Lambton College projects sharing more than $5 million. - September , 2013.

Link - to full article

National Geographic Channel - Breakthrough Series

National Geographic

Energy on the Edge Episode, National Geographic Channel- Breakthrough Series - Interactive Site, December 2015

The Atmospheric Vortex is the leading technology examined in the in the new National Geographic Breakthrough Series Energy Episode.
Link - Breakthrough Interactive Site
User Instructions:
Pan Down - Click "Enter Exprerience"
Pan Left - Click :Energy from the Edge"
Pan Down & Left - Click on Energy from Artificial Controlled Tornadoes - or on the AVE Prototype Photo
Click on each of the 5 bubbles to the right of the Photo
Press "Back" at the lower left to go back.
See also: Akiva Goldman - "Exploring Energy"
Explore the Energy from the Edge Page.

Link - Clip of the Atmospheric Vortex Segment
Link - Clip of the Atmospheric Vortex Segment - Hi Res

The National Geographic Breakthrough 45 minutes "Energy from the Edge Episode" is available on the web site at:
Link - Energy on the Edge Episode.

The complete National Geographic Breakthrough Series including the 45 minutes "Energy from the Edge Episode" is available from the Streaming web site.
Link - HULU web link - Only available in the USA

Link - National Geographic - The Great Energy Challenge Article - Can We really make energy from tornadoes - This man wants to try

The Atlantic - The Adaptors

The Atlantic

Cyclone in a Box, The Atlantic - The Adaptors, Flora Lichtman, January 2015
Link - Cyclone in a Box
Link - How to Build a Tornado

5 Million for Lambton College

Blackburn News

5 Million for Lambton College, Melanie Irwin, Blackburn News, September 13, 2013
Link to Blackburn News website

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, John Hambrock, (syndicated comic strip), published by King Features Syndicate, September 12, 2013
Link to Edison Lee website

Discover Magazine

discover magazine

Tornado Tech - Excess heat from power plants or seawater could be twisted into a renewable energy source, Discover Magazine, September 2013, p. 18
Link to web version of article on Discover Magazine

Canadian Chemical News

The Power of Spin, Canadian Chemical News, July/August 2013, p. 25-29
The Power of Spin - PDF format (774 KB)

Scientific American

Harnessing Tornados for Energy and More: The Radical Projects Funded by Peter Thiel The Power of Spin, Scientific American, January 2013
Link to web article on Scientific American blog site

NBC News

NBC News

Tornado generator may create the energy of a coal-fired plant, John Roach, NBC News, January 3, 2013
Link to web article on NBC News Technology web site



Tornado Power: Green Energy of the Future?, Smithsonian, December 17, 2012
Link to web article on Smithsonian blog site

Breakout Labs

Breakout Labs

Breakout Labs Press Release - San Francisco, December 13, 2012
AVEtec Press release related to Breakout Labs announcement

Mad Like Tesla

Toronto Star Energy reporter Tyler Hamilton’s book: “Mad like Tesla” turns Louis Michaud’s pursuit of clean energy into a story with interesting human aspects. The book is available at Amazon.

Book excerpt including most of the chapter on the atmospheric vortex engine (PDF 279 kB)

Aufwind im Aufwind

Aufwind im Aufwind, Sonderdruck PDF 6332 ew Jg. 108(2009), Heft 25, S. 56-59
Aufwind im Aufwind 2009 - PDF format (494 KB)

Imperial Oil - The Review

Imperial's Great Canadians, The Review, by Marcia Kaye, Fall 2008, Volume 92, Number 456
The Review, Fall 2008 - PDF format (2.5 MB)
Link to Imperial Oil - The Review
Version Française de l'article - De Grands Canadiens à L'Impérial


How a Man-Made Tornado Could Power the Future, by Michael Schirber, June 25, 2008
Link to LiveScience article

New Scientist - Technology Blog

Artificial tornado plan to generate electricity, by Kurt Kleiner, June 20, 2008
Link to New Scientist Technology blog

ODE Magazine

How to Tame a Tornado, Ode Magazine, by Andrew Tolve, illustration by Charles Floyd, March 2008
ODE magazine article - PDF format (189 KB)
Link to ODE magazine article

Description of ODE Magazine:  ODE - to people, to passion, to possibilities

"We are an independent international journal, without strings to the world of commerce and power.  We believe in progress, ongoing opportunities and the creativity of humankind.  We contribute to progress by publishing stories about the people and ideas that are making a difference.  We address society's problems too, because they represent opportunities for positive change.  We publish the stories that bridge the gap between thinking and doing, between rage and hope, and the painful gap between the rich and the poor.  By doing so we build peace and sustainability. This is the news we promise to deliver.  We offer our readers the chance to link up with an international network of inspiration and cooperation, strengthening the forces devoted to respect, justice and equality.  This way we hope to invite them to make their own contributions to a more just and sustainable world."

Das Wissen Von Morgen - Chancen und Optionen

Das Wissen Von Morgen - Chancen und Optionen, (Hardcover book written in German - translation "The Technology of Tomorrow - Options and Opportunities"), Pro Futura Publications 2007.  The Atmospheric Vortex Engine is discussed on pages 169-170, along with solar towers.  Pro Futura is affilated with WWF, the global conservation organization.

CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBC Radio interview with Louis Michaud and Dr. Horia Hangan, University of Western Ontario Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mary Ann Colihan, December 12, 2007
Listen to CBC broadcast - MP3 audio format (5.3 MB)

Business Week

Energy from Unusual Sources, BusinessWeek, Olga Kharif, September 10, 2007
Link to BusinessWeek Article

New York Times - Freakonomics

Are Man-Made Tornadoes the Answer to Global Warming?, The New York Times - Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt, August 13, 2007
Link to Freakonomics

Science Museum of Minnesota

Wizard casts wind magic to generate electro energy, Science Museum of Minnesota, J Gordon, August 10, 2007
Link to Science Museum of Minnesota article

The Toronto Star

Taming Tornadoes to Power Cities, The Toronto Star - Business Section, Tyler Hamilton, Saturday July 21, 2007
Link to Toronto Star article
Link to accompanying PDF diagram from the Toronto Star article
Link to article on Tyler Hamilton's Clean Break Blog

The Sarnia Observer

Tapping Tornado's Power, The Sarnia Observer, Stephen Huebl, February 10, 2007
Link to Observer article by Stephen Huebl


Tæmmede tornadoer som energikilde, ingenioren ("Danish Engineering Publication"), November 14, 2006
Link to Danish article

La Centrale Solaire Aérothermique, French technical web site posting from August 2006 pointing out similarities between Edgard Nazare's cyclone generator and the Vortex Engine.
Link to French web site -

La Repubblica

La centrale elettrica del futuro è un generatore di uragani, la Repubblica ("Italian News"), Alessio Balbi, December 6, 2005
Link to la Repubblica article (written in Italian)


A force of nature, Guardian ("UK based daily newspaper"), Nick Taylor, December 1, 2005
Link to Guardian article

The Engineer Online

Spinning top joins the generation game, The Engineer Online ("An Multidisciplinary Engineering Web Service"), November 14, 2005
Link to Engineer Online article


Οι ΚΥΚΛΩΝΕΣ θα μας... σώσουν , To BHMA Online ("Daily greek newspaper, published in Athens"), November 13, 2005
Link to BHMA article (written in Greek)


Örvénygép, avagy a tornádó meg­csapolás, SG.HU ("Hungarian Technology Web Site"), Richárd Balázs, November 9, 2005
Link to SG.HU article (written in Hungarian)

ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Fake tornado gives energy new twist, ABC ("Australian Broadcasting Corporation"), Tracy Staedler, November 9, 2005
Link to Science news article

Artificial Tornado Gives Energy New Twist, News Article, Tracy Staedler, November 7, 2005
Link to Discovery Channel article


Chimeneas solares y tornados artificiales, ecoenergia ("A Spanish renewable energy website"), October 25, 2005
Link to ecoenergia article (written in Spanish)

Harvesting tornadoes as power plants; renewable wind vortex energy, (" aims to raise interest in and appreciation of wildlands and wildlife"), October 9, 2005
Link to Mongabay article - Daily Planet

Interview with the inventor of the Atmospheric Vortex Engine, Daily Planet ("a one-hour long televised Canadian science magazine"), November 1, 2005
Link to video archives with streaming video of the interview segment
Link to web reference to the Atmospheric Vortex Engine

Katrinas gute Schwestern ("Katrina's good sisters"), (Austria's national broadcast service), October 12, 2005
ORF article - PDF 464 KB( (written in German)

The Economist

The Power of Spin - Harnessing artificial tornadoes as an energy source, The Economist print edition, October 1st-7th, 2005
Link to web version of The Economist article (Economist Subscription Required)
The Power of Spin - PDF (752 KB)