Atmospheric Vortex Engine


Natural Vortex

Dancing with the Devils (Amazing Dust Devil Movie)
Videos of Australian Dust Devils
Photos of Australian Dust Devils
Video of Soccer Game Dust Devil
Link to Discovery Channel - Strom Chasers Program
YouTube Video - Dust devil forming at the ground and extending upward
LiveLeak Video - Birth of a 2008 Colorado tornado
Tornado Photos

Artificial Vortex

Nate Smith's Fire Arts Vortices
Ned Kahn Vortex Producers
Ned Kahn Fire Whirl Producer
Tornado Workshop Site Model
Mercedes-Benz Museum Tornado
ITT-Tedh Fire whirl
Coachella Festival Hurakan fire whirl

Fire Vortex

Photo of large suddenly formed fire tornado
Photo of tall thin fire whirl
Article on an unusually large and long lived fire whirl
Article on the San Luis Obispo oil tank farm fire - PDF (2.5 MB)
Photograph of a natural fire whirl

Solar Chimney

Solar Updraft Tower on Wikipedia
Solar Chimney Technical Description from Schlaich Bergerman and Partners 2005
Solar Chimney paper by Santos Bernardes 2010
EnviroMission Solar Chimney
Manzanares Solar Chimney Video
Christos Papageorgiou's Floating Solar Chimney
Dubos' Solar Chimney Power Plant
Ian Edmonds' Hot Air Balloon Engine  

Solar Chimney Reference Information

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Sounding
Hurricane Frequently Asked Questions
National Severe Storm Laboratory
Tornado - Wikipedia
Tornado Project Online
Tornado Frequently Asked Questions
Why files/Unversity of Wisconsin/Tornadoes
Why files/Unversity of Wisconsin/Hurricanes


John Duff Fabrication Limited - Gracious home of the 4 m Petrolia prototype
Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel
Christopher Cockerell hovercraft prototype
English Wikipedia entry for the Atmospheric Vortex Engine
German Wikipedia entry for the Atmospheric Vortex Engine
German Wikipedia entry referencing the Solar Chimney and the Atmospheric Vortex Engine