Atmospheric Vortex Engine

Key Features

AVE - Basic Introduction

A basic introduction to the ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE is described in the following presentation.

AVE - Basic Introduction - PDF (1.4 MB)

Non-Technical Business Presentation

The business opportunities offered by the ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE are described from a non-technical business perspective in the following presentation.

AVEtec Business Case - PDF (3.5 MB)

Technical Presentation

The main features of the ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE are described in the following technical presentation.

Technical Presentation - PDF (3.4 MB).

High Level Technical Presentation

The thermodynamic basis of the ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE is described in the following high technical level presentation.

High Level Technical presentation - short version: 32 slides - PDF (7 MB).
Short Presentation Notes - PDF (100 kB).

High Level Technical Presentation Long - 56 slides - PDF (12 MB).

Earth Entropy Budget Presentation - 16 slides - PDF (4 MB).

Thermodynamic basis of the Atmospheric Energy Conversion Process and of the Atmospheric Vortex Engine

PPT Presentation with audio narrative
30 slide presentation with 30 minute narrative. The presentation can be saved and viewed in Power Point View Slide Show mode. Alternatively the presentation can be viewed in Normal mode one slide at a time at ones own pace. The audio track for individual slides can be heard by double clicking the speaker at the bottom right corner the slide.

- 30 slides - PPT Power Point Show with audio narrative

AVE Process Description

Technical AVE Description

The following report entitled ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE provides a technical description of the process complete with explanation of its thermodynamic basic and sample thermodynamic calculations.

Technical Report "ATMOSPHERIC VORTEX ENGINE" - PDF (189 KB).