Atmospheric Vortex Engine


An Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE)  uses an artificial vortex to capture mechanical energy produced when heat is carried upward by convection in the atmosphere.

The vortex is created by admitting warm or humid air tangentially at the base of a circular wall. The vortex always remains firmly anchored over a base station. The heat source can be solar energy, waste industrial heat, warm sea water or simply warm humid air. The energy is produced in turbo-generators located around the periphery of the station.

This green energy production process has the potential of meeting a large portion of human energy needs.

The primary purpose of this web site is to make people more aware of the enormous energy production potential of atmospheric upward heat convection. The site describes a specific process with potential for harnessing some of this energy, and provides technical information on the process and its thermodynamic basis.

Developing the process will require engineering resources and cooperation between engineers and atmospheric scientists.  AVEtec Energy Corporation is interested in establishing partnerships with companies or organizations capable of providing resources necessary to develop and commercialize the process.

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