Atmospheric Vortex Engine

Atmospheric Thermodynamics Programs

For the HP48 scientific calculator

The Atmospheric Thermodynamic (AT) program calculates the thermodynamic properties of humid air, a wide range of atmospheric science parameters, and associated energy transfers.

The HP48 scientific calculators came out in the 1990's and has not been surpassed. The popularity of the HP48 led devotees to develop a HP48 emulators which can run on a personal computers, on IPods, on IPads and on Android devices. The tablet applications have the advantage that the key can be pressed directly like on the original calculators. The emulators are approximately 100 times faster than the original calculators.  Thanks to: Sebastien Carlier, Christoph Giesslink, and Markus Gonser for producing the HP calculators emulators.  

Installation procedure for HP48SX calculator emulator

Emulator installation procedure by Vortex Engine - PDF (Rev. Aug 2010)

HP Emulator Download web page - Download "Emu48 1.50"; 
and download and convert "HP48SX Revision J R0M"

Atmospheric Thermodynamic Program Documentation

Program documentation -  PDF (Rev. July 2018)

Listing of program equations - PDF (Rev. April 2012)

Atmospheric Thermodynamic Program User Instructions

User Instructions - PDF .

Atmospheric Thermodynamic HP48 Program Code - Installation Method 1 load AT1 object in an existing emulator

HP48 Binary Object Program Code - February  2019 version - (160 KB).

Installation Procedure
1. Program 'AT1' can be used in HP48SX or HP48GX
2. Ensure that the calculator has a minimum of 160 kB of available memory
3. Drag the binary file in calculator window,
4. Save in Home directory as : 'AT1' ,

Total HP48SX  emulator memory can be increased from 30 kB to 292 kB by merging two 128 kB memory cards. 
Total HP48GX  emulator memory can be increased from 128 kB to 259 kB by merging one 128 kB memory card.
Program AT1 was written on the HP48SX but will also run on the HP48GX.